Collaborative Autonomy enabling Stakeholders to assess multiple options

MetaVu Network uses the catalyZer method for agile project development
so that stakeholders in diverse disciplines, from academic thought leaders to
industry pioneers, from scientists and engineers to economists and policy-makers,
whether in different divisions in an organization, or multiple organizations can

  • make sense of data, enabling convergence;
  • connect their specialized expertise and contributions into "big picture"
    strategic plans & programs;
  • collaborate effectively on program development and implementation;
  • design new products, educational, partner enlistment & outreach strategies.

Our federated network of senior consultants has a range of complementary skills,
from enterprise development to advanced web design for applications requiring next
generation social networks and crowd-sourcing platforms for group problem solving,
learning, and program leadership. MetaVu's advanced methods for supporting
distributed collaboration enable teams to

  • communicate more effectively;
  • collaborate across disciplines or organizations;
  • converge faster toward more optimal solutions.

Enabling Stakeholders to assess alternatives and
exercise collaborative intelligence to arrive at a big
picture (metaview), catalyzing problem resolution.


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