TatsunoSheridan Tatsuno, a graduate of Yale University and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, is a corporate strategy consultant and developer of a venture accelerator. He has advised both Silicon Valley startups and large companies in new technology development, business planning and fundraising, market research, new product concepts and business plans for companies entering E-commerce, home networking, digital video, and information technology markets.

Clients include:
  • Semiconductors (Intel, AMD Japan, Hitachi , UKOM )
  • Global Positioning Systems (Matsushita)
  • Wide-area LANs (Matsushita)
  • Broadband (Canon, DX Antenna, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, NEC, GTE, Philips, IGTV)
  • E-commerce (Apple, Canon, Hitachi, MDvista)
  • Wireless (Nokia, Sonera, Covault, MediaSolv)
  • Digital imaging (Zoomify, Canon)
  • Speech recognition & audio processing ( Audience Inc. )
  • E-learning (Transinnova/France)
  • E-books & E-publishing (Canon, Metso)
  • Industry-government R&D collaboration (Stanford, NASA, Singapore Techpark )
  • Software (Symphony Systems, Open Country )
  • Middleware (Canon, Object Innovation)
  • Open Source/Linux (Open Country)
  • Online travel (RezKey)
  • Telemedicine (, Cardiac Focus)

Previously Mr. Tatsuno worked at Bechtel in civil infrastructure planning, international project financing, and environmental assessment. He co-founded Dataquest’s Japan and Asian semiconductor groups and served as industry liaison manager at Stanford University’s U.S.-Japan Technology Management Center.

Mr. Tatsuno is the author of two books produced for television: The Technopolis Strategy (Prentice-Hall, 1986) and Created in Japan (HarperCollins, 1990).

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