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The TRACE Model is dedicated to gathering and interpreting data to identify and
implement the most functionally effective option, as shown in the diagram below.

TRACE Model Logic Diagram for Agile catalyZer development – Zann Gill

The TRACE Model Agile Process is used to develop:

• Concepts and plans for new products, projects and programs

Figure out what problem needs to be solved, what opportunity can be
captured, and how cross-disciplinary teams comprised of diverse
individuals with different skills and objectives can achieve outstanding
results that meet varied (sometimes conflicting) goals.

• "Big Pictures" where multiple owners contribute in different ways

While many approaches require co-located teams, MetaVu mixes distributed
and co-located teamwork. Through "collaborative autonomy" diverse players
need not attain consensus to proceed. Multi-skilled teams cross different
disciplines and organizational boundaries. MetaVu facilitates communication
and collaboration as best suits the particular project.

• Alignment and Integration with existing products or programs

Innovation requires solving problems where success criteria are known but
the goal must emerge through the innovation process. develops
concepts for model projects, products, services, and new programs that align
with existing efforts and assure the most outstanding, coordinated, results
meeting those success criteria.

• Business development, partnership, and education

MetaVu designs outreach materials to heighten awareness of projects,
products and services.

Surfing the next wave. . . . recognizing and defining next steps.

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