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Validation Workshop


Desyn Lab, a vehicle of MetaVu Network, focuses on synthesis, harnessing complementary
divergent and convergent views. Zann Gill works one-on-one with stakeholders to identify
their priorities, expertise, and contributions, making sense of data before bringing them
together for a Validation Workshop. Through this process, the collaborative autonomy and
leadership of diverse stakeholders is recognized, avoiding the pitfalls of consensus, while
harnessing a rich diversity of opinions, skills, and commitment.

Guidance Tools

  1. CatalyZer Empty Constructs – graphic formats to structure participation
  2. Visualization Layers – options from which to select as needed
  3. Collaborative Intelligence – aggregation & integration of crowd-sourced expertise
A Webtank (think tank on the web) can:
  • structure preparation in advance of the brainstorm;
  • track brainstorming to log team member input;
  • enable post-workshop follow-up, assessment, and database development;
  • facilitate exploring alternative strategies, rather than forcing early consensus; and
  • graphically present results, enlisting collaboration for follow-up.
Multiple small co-located workshops can:
  • focus and direct effort, tapping individual expertise of team members,
  • facilitate team-building and brainstorming,
  • promote constructive critique, agenda-setting, and task allocation (critical path).

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